SaaS: The People Saver

By Peter Radizeski, President of RAD-INFO

Some of you have been selling SAAS for a while. It’s called Web conferencing. The next generation will be Tele-Presence – that combination of instant messaging, scheduling, conferencing and talking.

Tele-Presence is supposed to be a time saver because you will know how to contact someone – IM, mobile, e-mail, or desk phone. This will work well in Fortune 500 environments where meetings are the way you spend your day and where no project can move forward without the input (and approval) of others.

Time saver. Productivity booster. Cost savings.

Cost savings arrives in the form of less travel. As someone commuting to Chicago weekly, it is a money saver and a people saver. ATA went bankrupt last week. United has planes tied up. Oil is up. Spring break is ending. TSA is still doing stupid things. (Google TSA pliers). All this makes for one lousy environment for the traveler.

Hence, why SaaS is a people saver.

(Another way that SAAS is a people and money saver is that you outsource the IT function to the application service provider.)

Then add in the carbon footprint story. That’s right. Save your carbon footprint by using conferencing instead of travel – even car travel. So start selling the Green solution – Web conferencing.

Peter Radizeski is president of RAD-INFO. He can be reached at

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