Peer-to-Peer Blog: Out of The Fog, Into The Cloud

Andrew Pryfogle

By Andrew Pryfogle, President & CEO, Terrapin Solutions LLC

I left the fog of San Francisco this morning, flying to the snow and ice of NYC. Im here to tell you: 35,000 feet is a great place to prove the power of the cloud.

I get the question all the time, This cloud thing sounds cool, but how do I access my data while Im on a plane?”  So to answer the question, let me describe to you exactly what Im doing as Im typing this message.

Im connected to my iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard and Im using a Citrix app that turns my iPhone into a wireless track-pad mouse. My iPad is connected to the Internet through gogoinflight Wi-Fi, which costs $9.95 for the flight from SFO to JFK. I am then running my Citrix-based Office Anywhere solution from nGenX, which gives me real-time access to all of my servers, files and applications.

So how is it working? Remarkably well. Perfectly? Not quite, but darn close.

The good. I have full access to my e-mail, and all my files with my Citrix-based Office Anywhere solution from nGenX. Its awesome. The fact that I can access my files with very little dropoff in performance is a game changer. Could I do this from a laptop instead of my iPad? Sure, but the iPad also gives me 10 hours of battery, and when Im done doing some work here, Im going to watch the movie Machete” in HD its just the kind of violent, shoot-em-up” guy movie I dont get to watch at home. When I land, Ill still have five-plus hours of battery left.

More good. The Bluetooth-connected keyboard and mouse help get around the clunkiness” of a touch-pad when I’m doing real work. I can work in Excel or PowerPoint just as easily from this setup as I could if I was in front of my desktop.

And more good. I’m connected to my business instead of going dark for five hours.

The bad? I’m connected to my business instead of going dark for five hours! :) 

But seriously, there are some downsides. The screen has frozen a couple of times while the connection dropped, but only for seconds at a time. And if the guy in front of me decides to recline, I could be in a much tighter spot than I am already. Moving from app to app is not as easy in the cloud, and copy and paste from Outlook to Word is not working. Really, those are nothing more than nits.

Overall, this is proving to me that I can stay connected to my cloud resources from just about anywhere.  The ability to do this from an iPad makes it that much cooler. It’s just like I’m sitting at my desk but without my dog Barkley at my feet.

One other cool thing I forgot to mention: I’m collaborating in real-time with one of my colleagues who is sitting eight rows in front of me. This just keeps getting cooler.

We’ve come a long way. This big world of ours just keeps getting smaller.

By the way, there’s a 70+-year-old Indian gentleman sitting next to me. Pradeep says hello.” He’s blown away by all of this. I’ll have him signed as an agent before we land!

Good selling.

Andrew Pryfogle is the founder, president and CEO of Terrapin Solutions, a master agency headquartered in San Franciscos East Bay. Pryfogle started Terrapin to address the growing demand for cloud services such as hosted VoIP, cloud computing and cloud infrastructure. He has been in the telecommunications industry for 22 years and has held senior sales leadership positions with carriers such as AT&T, MCI and WorldCom. In 2001 Pryfogle helped start GoBeam Communications, a pioneer in hosted IP telephony that was sold in 2004 to Covad Communications where Pryfogle spent three years running the channel. He also is a member of the 2010-11 Channel Partners Conference & Expo Advisory Board.

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