Peer-to-Peer Blog: Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind

By Greg Plum, Director of Business Development, The Conference Group

As I write this, I am sitting on a plane returning from a few weeks away from the office, having piggy-backed a vacation onto a business trip.  Though I have not been seated at my desk with my ground level view of the shrubs that line the foundation of our brown brick building for over two weeks, my e-mail inbox and voice mail are devoid of any unread (or unheard) messages.  The dread that had inevitably accompanied me on my way home from past vacations is strangely missing. The fear of the unknown (with regard to office happenings and/or client requests) is a thing of the past. 

Armed with my company-issued laptop and brand-spanking-new Droid Incredible smartphone, I have not only been kept in the loop with the daily goings-on at the Conference Groups home office, I actually have been able to contribute effectively, and even address policy issues, without ever setting foot in the office.

I know what you are thinking: Big deal I have been working from home, or the road, or from the middle of the ocean for years now.”  True.  I hear you.   However, for me, as a former hardcore corporate type, this newfound productivity from afar is truly liberating.  Now that I am current on the housekeeping items that accompany me in my role heading up sales for the company, I can hit the ground running upon my return to the office in the morning.  Not facing an inbox of 1,000-plus e-mails — a number of which are unsolicited cures for what ails me or the secret recipe that will result in my business growing exponentially in the next six months — I am free to channel my vacation-induced optimism into concrete initiatives that will allow me to tackle some of those sales ideas dreamed up while sitting poolside in the days leading up to my return to the mothership. 

While the line between work and vacation has blurred with all of the fun new gadgets and communication services at our fingertips, I love the result.  Now, if only I had coughed up the $4.95 to access the Wi-Fi service on the plane — you may have read this blog entry well before my feet ever touched the ground in Philadelphia.  Next time

Greg Plum is the director of business development for The Conference Group, a facilities-based conferencing and collaboration company with over 10 years experience serving channel partners and enterprise clients.  He also is a member of the 2009-10 PHONE+/Channel Partners Conference & Expo Advisory Board .

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