Peer-to-Peer Blog: Its Getting Really Cloudy Out There

David ByrdEnterprise Connect had one subject with many minds, Cloud Computing. Since it is necessary to say what you intend to do in the cloud, the simplest announcements state Unified Communications (UC), more complicated Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and the fence sitters, Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C). The bottom line is that you could not walk an aisle on the show floor or listen to more than a few speakers before hearing praises of UC. Earlier this week, I was reading an interview with IBMs Samuel Palmisano regarding decisions they have made to position IBM in the new era of cloud computing. Perhaps, the most telling thing was that at the time, IBM did not think of it as cloud computing. They wisely applied the term to the tactics and architecture they were building. Now they look like geniuses.

In many ways that is what so many of these new entrants are doing. Well not necessarily wisely, but with what is hoped to be good timing, service providers are announcing basic applications and services they have offered for years as a form of cloud computing. In some cases their lack of understanding cloud computing makes the announcement a bit lame as trying to find the cloud app within their service bundles can take several rereads.

During Enterprise Connect, Cypress Communications touted its ability to offer a truly cloud-based UCaaS solution to support a global enterprise. This was not a small feat. I am still collecting information to see how our response compared to others during the conference, but I am confident that our approach is the most proven and complete. Broadvox does not view UCaaS as an extension of any of our previously existing applications or services. We see our IP communications network supporting the Cypress UC deployments and accepting other cloud-based applications that may develop interest in the market. The primary goal of the network is to remove concerns regarding robustness, availability and ubiquity. The base UC solution and third-party applications must meet and exceed customer requirements. UC and cloud computing announcements should include these two views.

Today is day seven of the fast. It will end tonight. Interestingly, I am not hungry but I am tired.

David Byrd is vice president of marketing and sales for


, and is responsible for marketing and channel sales programs to SMBs, enterprises and carriers as well as defining the product offering. Prior to joining Broadvox, David was the vice president of Channels and Alliances for Eftia and Telcordia. As director of eBusiness Development with i2 Technologies, he developed major partnerships with many of the leaders in Internet eCommerce and supply chain management. As CEO of Planet Hollywood Online he was a pioneer in using early Internet technologies to build a branded entertainment and eCommerce website company partnered with Planet Hollywood. Having over 20 years of telecom sales and marketing experience, he has held executive positions with Hewlett-Packard, Sprint and Ericsson.

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