Only the Digitally Transformed Can Lead the Way


… coherent strategy to deal with future disruption.

Jim Chow, Google’s enterprise cloud solution evangelist and strategic partnerships/channels executive, stressed the need for businesses to get ahead of these technologies before they are fully adopted.

“If you are looking for growth in your business, and where your customers are going, you need to have a very proactive strategy rather than entering this space in a reactive way,” said Chow.

Here are a few recommendations to make sure everyone benefits from digital transformation:

  • Embrace digital technologies. It might sound obvious, but how can suppliers and partners expect to have credibility with customers regarding digital transformation if they are not using technologies and services, such as hybrid cloud, to run their own systems?
  • Specialize. Partners should look to specialize in a few verticals, or perhaps even a single vertical. Understanding the real impact of digital transformation requires sector-specific knowledge. If you can establish your credentials in a given market, you are more likely to get repeat business with existing clients and benefit from recommendations.
  • Engage senior management. The C-suite, from the supply and demand sides, should be involved in strategic decision making when it comes to digital transformation. As IDC put it, “Digital transformation is a board-level initiative and is at the heart of business strategies for companies of all sizes.”
  • Educate and coordinate. Given the huge market potential of DX technologies and services, partners may be tempted to just accrue enough information about a supplier’s products or services to begin selling immediately. But the more expertise partners can glean from suppliers, the better the outcome for all sides.

I believe 2018 will be the year that digital transformation truly takes hold, even in those businesses that have resisted change. The good news is that while many customers will have already embarked on a DX journey, few, if any, will have reached their final destinations. That means opportunity is still plentiful, but only for those suppliers and partners that have the experience and credibility to guide customers on their journeys.

As CTO of Unitas Global, Grant Kirkwood is forever on the lookout for new, innovative approaches to solving today’s IT challenges. Prior to founding Unitas Global, he served as CTO at PacketExchange, a global network service provider with 65 points of presence throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

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