Moneyball: CP Expo’s Most Common Metaphor

Craig GalbraithMen loved “Moneyball” because it was a sports movie. Women loved it because that dreamy Brad Pitt was in the starring role. Both sexes enjoyed it because it was the ever-popular story of the underdog. And that’s probably why the film is coming up so much in education sessions at the Spring 2012 Channel Partners Conference & Expo.

It may not have won the Oscar this year since it was a “talkie.” But back-to-back sessions I attended Wednesday morning used “Moneyball” to drive home a point: You don’t have to hit a home run to win; getting runners on base and getting timely hits will get the job done. It doesn’t necessarily take big bucks to achieve your goals.

Take the session, “Talent Rules: Turning Recruitment Into Your Competitive Advantage.” Mike Schmidtmann, a member of 4-Profit, an organization dedicated to the education, growth and profitability of solution providers in IT sales, acknowledged that everyone would like to hire the “rock star” or in this analogy, the Felix Hernandez or the Albert Pujols but can’t afford it. Another successful strategy, many in the audience concurred, is finding that “diamond” in the rough who your company can develop into that star player.

Angela Leavitt and Brian Leonard of Mojo Marketing upped the ante, even slipping “Moneyball” into the title of their session, “The Moneyball Effect: Win the Size War With Effective Online Marketing.” Being competitive doesn’t have to be that expensive, the pair said, if you focus on some Web marketing basics.

“A professional header and a professional image are 90 percent [of your website’s goal],” Leonard said. As part of a “home base” strategy, make sure you have full control of your own site so you can make changes easily, and include testimonials on your home page it will look a lot more impressive than just tooting your own horn, he said.

The comparisons make the show even more timely, relevant and interesting. This is my first time attending the Expo I never figured I’d be going to the movies.

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