Mindfulness, Adaptivity and Transformation

Vic LevinsonBy Vic Levinson

Attending the recent Cloud Partners Conference & Expo in Chicago was truly amazing. I had some observations that I think the channel specifically, my fellow interconnects working to reinvent themselves as cloud agents would appreciate.

The first thing that I noticed, sitting in the advisory board meeting, was that a lot of us have shaved heads. This brought me into the realm of thinking about Buddhist monks, which led me to thinking about mindfulness.” Mindfulness is the ability to be aware of what is happening within ourselves and to pay full attention to what is happening around us, non-judgmentally. It is the attention that emerges from paying attention on purpose, in the present moment.

As I listened to the conference opening remarks about the transformation that our business model is going through with virtualization and companies that are born in the cloud,” I began to look at my business and how it has transformed over the past 20 years. Mindfulness of what is happening within in this case, within my company. How will we make the transition? What skills do we need to acquire? What talent do we need to attract?

Leadership has to be adaptive. It has to grow in response to challenges and opportunities. Adaptive leadership has to be dynamic it requires focus and activity to result in a changed environment. As a leader, I have to have a sense of where we are and adapt to these challenges in our channel environment.

As I met with vendors, I had a renewed openness to find out what they were offering. Along with my staff, I went through the Expo hall and asked basic questions What do you do? Who is your target client? How can we work together?”  Afterwards, we met and reviewed the meetings we had with different providers.  This wasnt a technical exercise, trying to solve problems with whatever is at hand. Being adaptive, we need to create an environment that promotes a framework for healthy conversations about our strengths and weaknesses. Which vendors will be part of our offering is a dynamic question. It will change, as will our evaluation of ourselves, our developing strengths and the new challenges of the cloud.

F ounder and president of Prime Telecommunications, Vic Levinson has more than 20 years of industry experience as an interconnect and authorized reseller for Avaya and Allworx, hosted IP telephony solutions conne ctivity and cloud applications. He has been instrumental in setting up the channel marketing program for SNET Communications, a Chicago-based hosted IP telephony provider. He is also a member of the 2013-14 Channel Partners Advisory Board.

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