Microsoft for Nonprofits Helps Partners Meet CSR Goals While Empowering Clients


… announcing:

We will help build the kind of ecosystem that today works well for businesses — a community of providers that will distribute cloud services and deliver support and migration services for nonprofits.”

Today, more than 50 offerings are available for nonprofits, as the program works to make business technology readily available and to enable these organizations to operate at the same level of productivity, efficiency and innovation as well-funded for-profit organizations.

Opportunities for Resellers

For many resellers, being a part of this program not only fits into corporate responsibility commitments, but it can also yield wider business opportunities and a broader market for (MSPs), consultants and resellers to serve a wider base of clients for all their needs, from products to ongoing service contracts.

More than 100,000 small nonprofits operate today in North America, and many haven’t been able to afford the most current enterprise tools. The Microsoft Nonprofit program helps resellers address these organizations with affordable options.

Resellers are critical to the success of the program. While Microsoft always has handled large enterprise sales in-house, it understands that smaller enterprises — and particularly small nonprofits — are best served by partners that can provide local, high-touch service. Microsoft already had the largest partner program in the technology industry, and the nonprofit program expands it even further for the benefit of its trusted indirect providers and resellers.

Many business opportunities arise when helping to build up a nonprofit practice. Although the average per-user revenue is lower, based on the deeply discounted license fees, resellers often benefit from similar margins selling to nonprofits as they do with commercial customers. Beyond the licensing fees, resellers can potentially gain recurring revenue agreements with nonprofits to provide a variety of services, such as security monitoring and ongoing managed services.

For nonprofit organizations, Microsoft for Nonprofits is game-changing, allowing these organizations access to a large and continually expanding catalog of products at significant discounts. For resellers, it represents an opportunity to meet philanthropic and business goals. As mentioned earlier: win-win.

Scott Paul is the senior director of AppRiver‘s Microsoft Alliance. AppRiver was one of the Microsoft’s original go-to-market partners for Office 365 and now has one of the most experienced Office 365 support teams in the business. The company also provides free Microsoft 365 training courses for channel partners. Follow Paul on LinkedIn or @AppRiver on Twitter.

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