Meet the Channel Partners Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales Manager!

If you are interested is having you company promoted and having a booth at the industry’s #1 tradeshow, then you will definitely want to get to know Danica!

  Danica Cullins
Title: Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales Manager
Years at Virgo Publishing: 8
What is your job relative to the show: My role within the Channel Partners Expo & PHONE+ team is Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales for the Channel Partners Expos. I absolutely enjoy servicing the existing exhibitors and sponsors as well as bringing new vendors into the mix. My ultimate goal is growth for the show and thus, growth for the industry.
Years working on the Channel Partners Conference & Expo: 6 (three in operations and three in sales)
Favorite memory from a Channel Partners show: I wouldnt label it a favorite memory, but the most striking memory was experiencing the Sept. 11th attacks with the Channel Partners group. On such a somber day, it was touching to see industry professionals come together to help one another, especially those from NYC that needed to get home in order to check on loved ones.
What are you looking forward to the most about the DC show: I look forward to providing the industry a successful showing of the top professionals just like we did in Las Vegas in March!
What you like to do when youre not working at Virgo (hobbies, traveling, etc.): I enjoy judging gymnastics competitions and also visiting the mountains to ski in the winter and fish/hike in the summer. 
Favorite quote, motto, etc: “One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” Arthur Ashe, Wimbledon Champ
Favorite piece of technology you couldnt live without:Cell phone! 
Name and breed of pets, if any: Axle, chocolate lab, 8 months old


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