Meet Phone+ Group Publisher Mike Saxby!

He’s the guy who runs the show. Find out more about Phone+’s group publisher, Mike Saxby!

Mike Saxby

Group Publisher

Years at Virgo Publishing:

What is your job relative to the show:
Ive got a wonderful team that runs the show.  Sometimes I feel like my job is to irritate them. 

Years working on the Channel Partners Conference & Expo:

Favorite memory from a Channel Partners show:
My first meeting with Telepacific.  Youll have to ask for details.

What you like to do when youre not working at Virgo (hobbies, traveling, etc.):
 racquetball Arizona Doubles State Champion, Movies, Work, Friends, Family and Dogs.
Favorite piece of technology you couldnt live without:My cell phone!!!

Name and ages of children, if any:
Do dogs count? Tigger 8 & Dudley 5


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