Meet Channel Partners Editor Cara Sievers

Cara Sievers

Managing Editor, PHONE+

Years at Virgo Publishing:

What is your job relative to the show?
Editorial liaison between the trade show department and edit staff.

Years working on the Channel Partners Conference & Expo:

Favorite memory from a Channel Partners show:
The day before I left for my first Channel Partners show, I decided to take an Extreme Extremities legs and arms workshop at my gym. Its not a good idea, I found out, to do six hours of lunges, 24 hours before youll walk the long halls of Mandalay Bay for four days. I thought I was going to have to teach myself to walk again. The good news is that the throbbing in my quadriceps kept my mind off my feet hurting at all.

Close runner-up:
Interviewing Bob Eubanks before the Vegas 2004 show. He was such an endearing character.

Close second runner-up:
Being able to say, “War Eagle,” to my fellow Auburn University alumnus, Charles Barkley, at the Vegas 2006 show.

What you like to do when youre not working at Virgo?
When I’m not working at Virgo, chances are I’m somewhere having a margarita and thinking about Virgo. I enjoy reading, writing, editing, dancing, acting, choreographing, camping, traveling, small historic towns, listening to music on my patio, art shows, ghost stories and reality television.


                   Now, that’s talent!                                             Punkin’ it out, Halloween 2005.

Favorite quote:
And so castles made of sand, fall in the sea  eventually. — Jimi Hendrix

A two-and-a-half-year-old Flat-coated Retriever mutt named Ella Mae. Shes the love of my life and the bane of my existence – at the same time.


                    Ella Mae doing what she does best — taking it easy!

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