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John Abram, president and CEO, Compass Communications Inc.

It amazes me that prospects don’t know who helped them place their last order for voice and data services. Most of the time they don’t even know the provider they use, and nine times out of 10 they don’t remember the person who helped them. Normally, they don’t know when the contract is over.

I don’t understand how an agent can have a “sign and move on” mentality. They’ve just completed the hardest part in earning a new customer, but then drop them like a bad habit.

I’ve learned to stay in contact with all of our customers. It only makes sense. We agents don’t earn a salary; we earn commission on sold business. If we can’t keep control of our customer base, we’re just another average salesperson.

Most of our customers know me by name and/or Compass Communications Inc., if not both. I make it a point to maintain a strong customer database and send out e-mails keeping them informed of who we are, what we do, when we helped them last and, most importantly, letting them know they can call on us at any time! I make sure to send out important information about when their contract will expire well before it is up and that if they receive a call from anyone else to let them know they are a customer of Compass Communications. Again, I stay constant with the e-mails during their service terms, so it’s not like they just get an e-mail from me just before it’s time to renew or look at other options. This is so important and what I believe to be my strongest asset.

Here’s fair warning to agents who don’t nurture their base: You are going to lose them to guys like me.

John Abram is president and CEO of Compass Communications Inc., an established master agency representing 17 providers and servicing more than 8,500 customers nationwide from its headquarters in Litchfield Park, Ariz., and a branch office in Yorba Linda, Calif. He can be reached at +1 623 935 3999.

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