Lessons From the U.S. Open

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO

The outer courts have some great matches. Cheering crowds. Many languages. Tight competition. These are the hungry competitors. At Arthur Ashe Stadium on Monday night, the Williams sisters destroy their opponents quickly.

In comparison, the VoIP providers and the CLECs are the competitors (at least some of them). Battling to make a living. Telecom agents are the cheering crowd. Who they pick, who they sell, how they sell – all help decide the winners.

Going into the Channel Partners Expo next month, look for new competitors. Look for new revenue streams, like backup, security and managed services. Some of this can be sold through the top seeds, but there is plenty of talent in the rest of the field.

The channel is moving toward VARs simply because to reach the smaller business market will require feet on the street and hands on implementation.

It’s a new game. Adjust or get swept aside.

Tennis has changed racquet composition, racquet head size, texture/material of strings, the makeup of the ball and player conditioning.

What have you changed to keep up?

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