IP Trunking: That’s the Ticket

If you are looking for a way to migrate customers to VoIP systems, IP trunking may be the answer. Dont miss what we have in store for you at Channel Partners in Washington, D.C.   IP trunking is an ideal first step in the evolution toward hosted IP services and offers a cost-effective way to carry voice and data over the same connection while still using customers’ existing key or PBX systems. It also allows businesses to create virtual tie lines that carry voice traffic over the data network between offices. These virtual tie lines improve bandwidth efficiency and reduce the cost of voice communications transported to other company offices by bypassing the toll network. IP trunking also enables the use of intelligent call routing and a uniform dialing plan (for example, five-digit dialing) regardless of location.   And what is possibly one of the best features for customers is that IP trunking does not require additional investment in costly infrastructure or desktop equipment and can tie a mix of IP, TDM and key system technologies together!  

Our speakers will show you  how IP trunking works with existing systems and how you can make it part of your customers overall VoIP migration plan. Pete Accetturo, regional sales director for Shared Technologies, Michael Robinson, CEO of Citel Technologies, and Michael McCue, national sales director for CommPartners will be heading up IP Trunking: That’s the Ticket this information packed session occurring at 3:30-4:15 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 23 during the Channel Partners Conference and Expo.  

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