Intent-Based Networking: A View from the Cisco Partner Stage

Network Intelligence

… hosts a weekly staff call with representatives from across the globe using a popular web conferencing tool. During the status call, the head of sales taps into reports located in the cloud. Manufacturing uses a bandwidth-intensive application to upload and share product designs for a new plant. Finance reports on the state of the business using their preferred application, while marketing shares their latest campaigns using yet another tool.

You can see how all the vital and sensitive information being shared could be overwhelming for the network. In this case, it was.

The meeting abruptly ended when the network connection failed. Was the failure due to the web conferencing tool? The sales application? Or was it marketing’s campaign mock-ups that broke the connection? Without full visibility across the network and a way to proactively identify and address potential failures before they halt business, there wasn’t an immediate answer. More to the point, the team didn’t “Own IT.”

In an intuitive network, one that weaves together business intent, machine learning and human intellect to optimize the user’s experience, that global meeting would have gone on without a hitch, because behind the scenes, the network would have learned to anticipate the weekly call, adjust bandwidth accordingly, and spot and fix points of failure without the users ever knowing. Partners who can help make this happen will have fewer expensive support calls and happier customers. What’s not to like?

Dana Matsunaga is the executive vice president and chief operating officer of LiveAction. Mr. Matsunaga has more than 25 years of experience in networking communications industry. During his career, he has led corporate, product/solutions marketing, sales, business development and engineering initiatives.

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