If ‘Executive Time’ Sounds Ludicrous to You, Maybe You’re Thinking About Your Calendar Wrong

Time for me

… currently do it.

High achievers have known this for years. Many have their own personal rules for working more productively. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld, for example, says the key to his high output is, “Don’t break the chain.” The late Stephen Covey made an entire career out of defining the “Seven Habits of Highly Successful People.” Not a damn one of his ideas involves attending more meetings. Instead the best advice he and others have come up with involve putting first-things first and honing one’s abilities over a sustained period of time.

Don’t get me wrong: Covey and others absolutely believe in the value of teamwork; it’s vital, they say.

But when teamwork overwhelms, consider carving out a little “executive time” so you can get things done. While there may be no “I” in team, there sure as hell is a “me” in there.

Sometimes you just need to be reminded.

T.C. Doyle is senior director of content for Channel Futures & Channel Partners.
Twitter: @tcdutah

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