How Far Is Too Far?

By Pam Avila

Is the value of social networking being, in fact, devalued? Im seeing a strange phenomenon on LinkedIn and I dont think I like it at all!

Several weeks ago, out of the blue, I received notification that a number of my contacts had recommended” me. Knowing that I didnt ask them to do so, my curiosity was aroused and I contacted some of them. Each of them said that they had received a request for a recommendation for me! Now it may just be me, but I find this rather nervy and invasive on the part of LinkedIn!

Then to add fuel to my fire, I began getting requests to endorse” people in my network for various skills and theyre getting requests to endorse me for various skills! I cant speak for the other people, but I havent asked anyone to endorse me, yet endorsements are coming in! And who decided what skills” I would like to have listed? Not me!

Is social networking running amok? Has LinkedIn gone too far with the information each of us provides? Has it diminished the value of recommendations and endorsements when it is sending out requests to anyone in my network to recommend or endorse me?

Many of the people in my network are barely-known business colleagues who are valuable to me because of their company affiliation or position (i.e., they are potential resources for me, just as I am for them). I would never dream of asking many of them for a recommendation they just dont know me well enough.

I cant put my email address in the body of a message to a LinkedIn contact, yet LinkedIn can make requests for recommendations and endorsements on my behalf without my permission?

Ill probably be banned from LinkedIn after this blog, but really … theyve gone too far. Whats next?

Pam Avila is founder of

Sierra Summit Group

, a consulting group formed in 2002 to address the challenges of building a convergence channel. She also is the channel expert on

, an industry resource with more than 11,000 members worldwide. In addition, Avila is the creator and manager of the annual

UC3 Summit

event. Her channel expertise comes from both managing channel sales organizations and mentoring a nationwide group of convergence” VARs and telecom dealers called CT Pioneers, which was later merged with CompTIA. She is
a member of the

2012-13 Channel Partners Advisory Board

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