How Cloud Can Supercharge Your Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel

… stressing how cloud services offer your clients stronger security and data protection, help lower IT costs with fewer hardware management headaches, provide easier access and connectivity for employees, and greatly improve backup and disaster recovery. Perhaps the biggest incentive: statistics reveal increased access and connectivity increase employee productivity and outcomes.

It’s for all of these reasons that many companies have already migrated that which can easily be moved to the cloud. They are now focused on moving the next set of or larger, more strategic systems to the cloud.

As to particular suppliers, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are the majority leaders when it comes to public-cloud environments. There is channel opportunity to sell managed AWS and Azure services, as organizations still need a third party to manage and maintain cloud environments. Sales pros should point out the likelihood of business changes and the opportunity for scalable workloads, mitigated security concerns and risk, simple data transfers and much less maintainence.

Channel partners have enormous opportunity to add to their portfolios and offer managed services as related to infrastructure and applications, including hosting services, network management, content delivery, database and application management, migration services and security.

As companies continue to migrate more workloads to the cloud, make sure you’re offering managed solutions to capture some of that growth in cloud applications and infrastructure spending.

Corey Cohen is the Director of Marketing at TBI, the nation’s leading third-party technology distributor. Cohen is responsible for managing TBI’s marketing communications and implementing multi-channel branding and press strategies. In addition to driving TBI’s overall marketing strategy, Cohen directs both internal and external communications to ensure the delivery of valued products and programs to providers and partners alike.

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