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… potential opportunities on the horizon, and when it might be time to start preparing for new technologies. The key for resellers is to work with a solution partner that can help them guide their end-user customers as they integrate each additional component, provide help desk support for the integrated solutions and deliver the entire package in a financial model that meets the customer’s budget.

Even with the promise of all the exciting technological evolutions (subscription) ahead, it’s also important not to walk past the small conference rooms on the way to the board room, speaking both figuratively and literally. There is significant opportunity in providing complete solutions throughout an office building, a store or a warehouse. While many end users likely want to adopt the biggest of what’s coming, it’s important to take a step back and provide the best, realistic recommendations for current and future needs.

To quote playwright Tom Stoppard’s tongue-in-cheek statement, “Every age thinks it’s the modern one, but this one really is.” As the channel continues to advance, it’s necessary – now more than ever – for resellers to guide their partners through the transition of a truly modern age.

Kyle DeWitt is vice president of technical services, North America, at ScanSource, where he is responsible for the creation and execution of pre-sale and post-sale support offerings. His leadership positions have included serving as director of technical services for ScanSource’s Communications and Catalyst business units. Follow him on LinkedIn and @ScanSource ‏or @Kyle_DeWitt on Twitter.

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