Have a Question About Surviving Consolidation?

With the Channel Partners Conference just over 2 weeks away, the speakers, staff and I have been preparing for the various seminars occurring at the show.

One that is of particular interest is our opening seminar, “Executive Roundtable:Surviving Consolidation,” which discusses how c
onsolidation among telecom service providers is shrinking channel partners’ supplier pool and, in some cases, resulting in programs that are less than partner-friendly.

Here are some of the questions our moderator will be asking: What can partners do to make themselves more valuable to their vendors? What “safe havens” should they seek from their vendors?

If you have a question for our expert panel, 
here’s your chance!

E-mail your question to me at by Thursday, Aug. 10, for a chance to have it put forth to the panel.

I look forward to seeing you at the show!

Marlo Sneddon,

Education Coordinator

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