Got Budget? Help Customers Close the Year With Some ‘Security Therapy’


… modern phishing attacks, recommend training whether it’s mandated by law or not. And don’t forget mobility management.

Step 3: Declutter legacy security solutions: Look at security products and practices already in place and remove those that are ineffective. That can be the most difficult discussion — sometimes it seems easier to go with the flow than to put effort into removing a legacy solution. But over time, the customer will save money that can be better spent on something else. Additionally, it’s one less thing you or the customer’s IT staff has to monitor and in the process, you may speed up your network and streamline users’ machines.

When you’re considering removing a solution, remember to do your due diligence on the protection it’s providing. Noise coming from alerts and flashing screens may not indicate the efficacy of a product. You’ll have to make time to dig into the logs and see what’s been blocked and automatically remediated.

I hope this gives you some pragmatic guidance for advising customers on how to spend the remainder of the IT security budget this year and in years to come.

Hal Lonas is chief technology officer for Webroot, an industry leader in endpoint security, network security and threat intelligence. Hal has more than 25 years of experience in enterprise software and engineering.

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