Experienced, Not Expendable

Jeff LeshinBy Jeff Leshin, Vice President, Sales and Marketing,

Ernest Communications

The Florida Marlins turned to 80-year-old coach, Jack McKeon, to help stabilize the teams situation. Its pretty interesting that the team did not turn to a younger, less-experienced coach but someone who was a proven winner with a World Series title to provide leadership to the club. Granted, every industry is different, but my point here is that experience and leadership are still valuable commodities in any industry.

I have seen numerous articles lately referring to the death of the wireline industry and how everything in telecom is moving toward the cloud. While no one can dispute the fact that the trend is toward mobility, easy access of information (cloud) and flexibility, I would simply state that the lessons learned from years of growing up either working for the carriers or being a partner should continue to serve us all.

Sure, we all need to understand where technology is going and continue to educate ourselves on the numerous changes within the industry. However, our best asset is our experience and this will continue to serve us all well and show our clients that we really are difference-makers that can help support their business growth well into the future.

OK, so back to Jack for a second. In a conversation with one of the Marlins players, he had asked the individual his plans for the evening, and the player responded with I am going home and will play with Twitter tonight.” Jacks response: What kind of dog is Twitter?” 

So while experience counts and gets you in front of your clients, we all need to ensure we continue to educate ourselves and adapt to the ever-changing telecom industry.

Jeff Leshin has more than 23 years of telecommunication background in both the direct and indirect sales channels. He is currently vice president of sales and marketing for

Ernest Communications,

, a privately held national provider that specializes in multilocation consolidation. Leshin started on the channel side in the mid-1990s with Cable & Wireless and managed key partnerships in the western region. He also spent several years at Acceris in San Diego as the vice president of sales, developing its national agent program. He also is a member of the 2010-11 Channel Partners Conference & Expo Advisory Board.

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