Dead Chickens…

By Michael Bremmer

“If you can differentiate a dead chicken, you can differentiate anything.”  Frank Perdue, millionaire chicken farmer

“Be DISTINCT or EXTINCT.” Tom Peters, management guru

So why does our industry, with infrastructure that costs billions of dollars to maintain, use price to sell its product? 

Especially when we create so much productivity and value for business?

The answers(in my opinion):

  • Maybe we dont create as much value as we think
  • Too much supply creates price pressure (a sign of a healthy market, except for margins)
  • Our industry is too lazy to actually sell
  • Its the way weve always done it …

(As the Human Torch would say, “Flame on,” because here come the comments about how I never sell on price, I add value”. Im sure these people lie about other things. I am also sure the top 10 percent do add value and make 90 percent of the money in the industry).

So … where do we go from here? Cloud offerings? TEM? Mobility solutions? Colo?

All of these are problems customers need solved; however, our competition is no longer traditional telecom, either (think cloud providers, IT distributors-CDW, consulting companies, etc.).

Also, customers are more savvy (or so they think) now because of Google.  

Finally, are we, telecom agents the right people to be selling these products? 

I say yes, if, we are truly trusted advisers rather than the transactional lower price” guys. 

Because Lucy logic leads to bad business: There may not be any profit in each individual bottle, but well make it up in volume.”

So its time for the conversation to turn. What productive and real-world thoughts do you have for us to adapt to this brave new world?

Michael Bremmer is the CEO of A trusted adviser to Fortune 50 companies and MSBs, Bremmers passion is customer service. With more than 20 years of experience in the telecom industry, he fervently believes the act of communicating with other humans shouldnt be difficult, considering weve had at least a few thousand years of practice as a species. He is a member of the 2012-13 Channel Partners Advisory Board.

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