Customer Relationships Require a Little More Attention

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO

On Tom Peters blog, in a guest post, Steve asks: “In an age of interchangeable products and easily duplicated services, customer relationships have become one of the most powerful competitive advantages available to a business. Do you agree?

“We all want our customers to believe I can’t get it anywhere else when they think of us. Relationships between you and a customer are often the best opportunity to create something unique and irreplaceable in your customer’s mind.”

In a world where no one can beat Wal-Mart, China and the ILECs on price and cost, you have to differentiate. Stand Out. Or it becomes just about price.

That means the customer relationship. As agents, our client database is our gold. Once we sign a multiyear deal, the best we can do is be the one-throat-to-choke so that the client still calls us for everything communications related. (If they get used to the LEC 800 number, you are losing that battle.)

You need to be high touch. In fact, AT&T Southeast is insisting that solution providers provide outstanding CS and add a tag line to customer conversations about customer satisfaction. It’s one thing to mouth and verbalize the words, but you kind of have to mean it.

What are you doing to give high touch to your customer relationships?

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