Crafting a Good Channel Manager

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO

Many of you received the email to vote for your favorite channel manager. (Way to go Ruth!)

It got me thinking what makes a good channel manager?

Ruth Morford has been at ACC Business for the entire time I have been in the channel. My BellSouth PBM, Joe Moy, has been in the channel that long as well. Both are highly knowledgeable, responsive, and timely.

The channel does go through a certain amount of musical chairs, but that’s telecom at most levels.

ACC Business has been an award-winning channel partner for many years at the Phone+ Channel Partners Conference & Expo. Some of that is due to the sales structure of ACC Business – it’s agent only. Some of that is due to the stability and longevity of its program. And of course some of that is the people that work the channel.

From the quotes, knowledge seems to be the most important. Certainly, for agents that represent many carriers, having a knowledgeable and responsive channel manager is imperative. There are too many nuances, fluctuating promotions and internal change (especially to processes, required paperwork, and personnel) for an agent to keep tract of – unless that carrier is its exclusive vendor.

Another factor cited was the manager’s desire to help your agency win business. Obviously, the managers are successful when the agents are successful. My take on it is that when you get strong support and someone rooting for you, it makes getting the sale easier – and maybe better.

There’s nothing like a (virtual) high-five when you get ink.

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