Cox Business Takes a Front-Row Seat in Stadiums, Arenas and Halls

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Cox Business Venues Chart“As events take place in these large public venues in real-time, the support model requires our organization to be able to fix issues immediately in order for the customers to be able to use the service during their limited time at the venue. This is different from a work or home environment where a customer spends a lot of time and has more flexibility for repairs,” Steelman noted.

Other cable providers serve various venues. In May, Comcast Business announced it is boosting internet speeds for the Kraft Group, the holding company of the New England Patriots, by tenfold, with speeds up to 1 gig. In the Patriots’ home, Gillette Stadium, Comcast Business will provide X1 for Business, its popular voice-controlled video platform, in all 88 luxury suites along with video service on 1,000-plus HDTVs throughout the complex. Other venues served by Comcast include Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, where the provider installed 10 gigabit dual-circuit fiber and a network of Wi-Fi APs as the official entertainment and Wi-Fi partner.

For stadiums, the venue business is about providing a cutting-edge experience that keeps fans and sponsors coming back for more. For service providers and partners, it’s about building business with high-profile event venues, raising brand awareness and testing the mettle of innovative technologies.

The Ultimate High-Tech Events

Cox Business and Hospitality Network also are the technology providers for two of the ultimate high-tech events in Vegas: CES and NAB. The annual consumer electronics extravaganza in January attracts more than 175,000 attendees to the 3.2-million square-foot Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) and ancillary facilities. The surge in broadband usage at LVCC is staggering: More than 350,000 devices averaging nearly three-and-a-half hours of session time totaling 5.37 TB of WiFi traffic and 43.02 TB of total internet traffic at 1.55 Gbps peak download speed and 970 Mbps upload speed, according to Cox’s count for CES 2019. The NAB Show, featuring the latest in broadcasting and streaming technology, is comparable.

At the LVCC, Cox and Hospitality provide managed Wi-Fi with more than 2,100 APs, a distributed antenna system (DAS) in partnership with Insite Wireless, redundant and diverse 10Gbps fiber connections, digital signage and backhaul for wireless carriers. Cox Business and Hospitality Network have been awarded an expansion agreement for an additional 1.4 million square feet of space planned for CES 2021.

“From a design perspective in the convention space, the dynamic nature of the environment means that any area can have a very high demand or a very low demand on your network, which makes the design more difficult,” Steelman explained.

Cox Business’ venue business grew out of its purchase of Hospitality Network in 1998. Hospitality Network originally focused on hotel rooms, which led to a successful expansion into convention centers and then into arenas, stadiums and other large venues. Cox provides multiple products to venues depending on their needs.

“There are several benefits for a large venue that chooses to use Cox Business and Hospitality Network as their service provider. First is our ability to provide a total integrated solution backed up by best-in-class service from end to end,” Steelman said. “Leveraging the ‘managed best of breed’ strategy has resulted in …

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  1. Avatar Bobby Tidd July 10, 2019 @ 9:23 am

    Great branding opportunity! Really looking forward to it.

    Having said that, is there a way to do something similar with “Cox Wifi”. I bring up as every time I use, find it unusable. Have to switch from Cox Wifi, to my carrier service. (unless its my phone settings?) Know it maybe a technical challenge, but feel it doesn’t reflect our branding correctly. Perhaps a profile which initially gives higher tier value, and tapper off with time? This providing a better customer experience? Difficult dilemma.

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