CompTIA CT Pioneer Chats with Channel Partners on Telecom LIVE!

The Channel Partners Conference & Expo will be featured along with the CompTIAs CT Pioneers on the weekly Web Radio show, Telecom LIVE!, at 10 a.m. ET Thursday, March 30. To tune in, go to, and click on Listen Live.

Telecom LIVE! is a new six-part Web radio series based on the popularity of recent shows highlighting opportunities showcased in industry events, including the Channel Partners Conference & Expo.

This weeks segment will feature a discussion of voice and data convergence and the opportunities for traditional data VARs and telephony agents to partner or cross over into new business realms.

Radio host Scott Draughon will talk with Khali Henderson, editor of PHONE+, the sponsors of the Channel Partners Conference & Expo and CompTIA CT Pioneers Chairman Alan Borck, president of ARC Communications, a provider of voice, data, video and converged technology solutions. 

Founded in 1997, CT Pioneers CompTIAs CT Pioneers is a group of convergence solution providers, manufacturers, distributors and interconnect dealers who take an active role in shaping the CT industry. CompTIAs CT Pioneers are committed to providing the industry with educational opportunities, promoting interoperability and standards between a wide variety of vendors and service providers, as well as establishing high standards and business practices among all convergence professionals.

Want to join the conversation? Have a question? You can call the live show toll-free +1 866 685 7469 or send an e-mail inquiry to

If you cant make it (or are reading this after March 30), you can play the recorded audio file by clicking here.

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