Channel Surfing Blog: ADVODA Says Tis the Season

By Ron Dunworth and Hilary Fox, ADVODA’s Managing Partners 

The fourth quarter, winter and the holidays are all here. Many of us are pushing our employees, partner agents and vendors to do more and make it a killer year for all. For all” is kind of a misleading statement. For a lot of people, making it through the year is the goal. Simply because it was bad for them and more so for their family. People have lost their jobs, the economy is not getting better for a lot of people and they are running out of options. In our business we are all adults and we know what success and failure mean. To these out-of-work folks it means that at Christmas time no one gets a present. As an adult I can handle that. Not well, but I can get by. Unfortunately, the children cant and, more importantly, they shouldnt have to.Marine picture code: Don't smile!

The children are why each year we here at ADVODA, in conjunction with our vendor partners and the United States Marine Corps, plan an event to help insure that every needy child in Colorado has a toy for Christmas. We want them to know that Santa Claus doesnt have any economic issues and can still fulfill their wishes. This blog is not about what ADVODA sells or about the high commissions we pay. Its about all of us taking a moment out of our busy lives making money and take time and some of the money we have made and do something good with it.

Picking the winnersHere is what we do: We take money from our vendor partners and contribute our own to form a cash pool. We then set up buying teams, divide the pool of cash between them and they use it to purchase toys that best fulfill a scavenger list we gave them. The Marines then judge how well they did with the money. Everyone tries to influence the Marines during the judging. Its hysterical to see channel managers, sales directors and executives from our vendor community trying to influence the Marines to award the best effort prize to their team. Whats even funnier is seeing people from different competitive companies working together to come out on top within their team. Hilary's son inspects the toys.

This year’s event will be bigger and better. I know a lot of you in the industry do similar events in your markets. Thats great. I would like to hear about them. Maybe I can take some of your ideas and apply them to our event. This blog is really just to remind those who have thought of doing something but never had time, to take the time.  Its good for your people, your vendor relationships and your community. Makes you feel good too! If other reasons keep you from doing something like this, send me a check. I will make sure its used for Toys. The Marines will make sure that they are delivered.

Ron, Hilary and the U.S. MarinesMerry Christmas to all from ADVODA.

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