Channel Partners Expo Blog: So, How About the Cloud?

By John Siefert

Anyone who has worked in and around the IT and telecom industry for a number of years has become relatively desensitized to the hype that surrounds the next big thing. Further, many of us have become so used to the fear, uncertainty and doubt that surround this next big thing, that we have learned to sit back, examine what it could mean and how we can harness it. Still, many others climb on board without a clear understanding of what it means, and they spin” their offerings to make them sound like they fit into this big thing.

Welcome to the Cloud Revolution, because the phenomenon I explain above is yet again happening, and this time everyone and their mother is playing in the cloud. So what does it really mean? What is the lowest hanging fruit to leverage it? And what does it mean to the traditional telecom and IT channels who have built their business on adding value to SMB and large companies?

Let me start by saying this one is real and it is not nearly as new as folks are trying to position it, nor is it as complex as the myriad architectural designs make it out to be. In fact, it is simply a new way of delivering business services and platforms to businesses that want to leverage an on-demand and SLA-based solution for their company.

Oh, and by the way, for the ambitious traditional telecommunications agent (and master agents) this can offer a level of scale to your service offerings that I feel will revolutionize the connection (as a valuable resource) you have to help your customers run and grow their business.

At the Channel Partners event this week in Las Vegas, the cloud buzz is gaining a ton of steam, and our thousands of agent/channel attendees are taking it all in.  As new service offerings come out from traditional carriers and traditional IT vendors, the future is very bright for the agents that are willing and able to learn how they can deliver this to their customers.

In fact, in meetings with folks like Comcast and others, they are recognizing the potential to bring these services to life through their channels. But it is a lot more than defining the offerings, it is a process of outlining a roadmap that enables, encourages and rewards their agents for bringing these solutions to their customers.

Stay tuned for more on how these roadmaps are evolving from me and others this week at the Channel Partners event, and look for our premium content guides to selling cloud services coming in the next few months!

John Siefert is the CEO of Virgo.

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