Channel Bias

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO

Recently, I tried to move a couple of customers from the DSL provided by an independent ISP to Embarq DSL. The order was declined after seven days, because there was already DSL on the line. Now I find this funny for a couple of reasons, the biggest being that ILEC’s slam DSL all the time. Plus as a BellSouth agent, I have ordered this type of DSL transition several times without a problem.

Embarq’s channel management explained that the ISP would have to disconnect the DSL and then we can place the order for DSL from Embarq. But this would result in down time for the end user.

OK. Then order it on another line. This would require a truck roll to insure that the end user had connectivity and could connect the modem on the new line without disconnecting the LAN. We were trying to do this transparently for the end user’s business.

But if the end user goes online or calls the toll-free 866 number, the order will be taken and the DSL will move transparently.

Often transactions that are denied to agents or delayed in the channel’s order process can be done quicker for the customer when the customer calls the carrier’s 800 number. One more bias against the agent. Telecom is often convoluted.

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