Capital 2.0 Event Gains COMPTEL Partnership

Bringing together telcos seeking funding and the capital markets firms that have it can be a daunting task. The undertaking becomes far lighter lifting when you have a major carrier trade association aboard.

xchange magazine, the creator and producer of Capital 2.0: Funding the Telco Future, has partnered with COMPTEL, whose membership includes a long list of service providers across America as well as their top infrastructure providers.

This alliance will go a long way to achieving the core goal of the one-day Capital 2.0 event, to be held Sept. 26 in Secaucus, N.J., which is best summed up as defining common ground between telcos and capital markets companies.

But the event doesnt stop there. Once clearly defined, the two entities can build atop this foundation and identify opportunities for funding that will drive the deployment of new and enhanced networks needed to compete now.

And you cant build next-gen networks and future services without funding today, hence the partnership with COMPTEL. The organizations members are entrepreneurial companies looking to build and deploy such next-generation networks for the delivery of competitive voice, data and video services.

While many telcos have the funding they need for now and into the foreseeable future, many more dont, or simply need much more to stay relevant in a fiercely competitive market. Join us to hear the best and brightest telco and capital markets minds for help in forging strategies for success.

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