Bundle Up! VoIP CPE/Services Ease SMB Sales

Service providers and gear makers are getting together to sell their VoIP services to SMBs in bundles through VARs.

Want to find out how your agency can profit from these marketing matchups?

Channel partners can now provide customers with a service and CPE solution that’s already interoperable and preconfigured. The idea is not exactly new, companies like Covad and Cisco have been working in tandem for years, but the model is catching on and with some interesting variations.

Covad, for example, has provided its hosted IP PBX service to the Cisco VAR channel, which adds the Cisco IP endpoints to the mix.

Building on the partnering idea, CommPartners has a deal with Linksys that’s more integrated. CommPartners will host the Linksys One IP telephony platform to provide hosted IP telephony services with an on-premise appliance to small businesses through Linksys VARs and CommPartners existing channel.

BandTel also is working with a number of gear makers to deliver a bundled option. BandTel buys the gear from the VAR and places it at the customer premises free to the customer in exchange for a service contract with a minimum term of two years. The VAR still earns a CPE margin and an MRC on usage.

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