Blocking the Future

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO

TechDirt, Democracy in Action, Wayne Porter and many others are reporting that AT&T, Cingular, Sprint and Qwest are blocking calls to and similar sites. These sites are probably based on an arbitrage play where they are slightly funded by the rural ILEC who is making some good coin per minute in reciprocal compensation from the other ILECs.

I have to wonder what the FCC will do. They have let the Inter-Carrier Compensation issue boil over the stove for years now. The only action we have seen on it is the much despised Missoula Plan (that the RLECs cooked up). But do the ILEC’s and the cell carriers (same thing, right?) have the right to block calls to Iowa? It is not a special area code (900, 800, 976).

In fact, it is a 641 area code. Where’s Kevin Martin protecting the consumer now?

Could this even happen if you had a choice of more than one residential phone company? If the cell companies weren’t owned by the RBOC’s? You are looking at the future. Blocked numbers. Blocked sites. Blocked information.

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