Beyond GDPR: Data Privacy Laws Tighten Up in the U.S.

Data Privacy

… sensitive data made available to them.

Given its a state law, the CCPA will protect the privacy rights of California residents, meaning businesses will need to comply whether theyre based in California or not. Noncompliance could possibly threaten their ability to do business in the most populous state in the U.S.

Looking ahead to 2019, organizations should assess their current practices with regard to data management — especially customer and personally-identifiable information (PII) — and define a timeline to bring their organizations into compliance prior to the implementation of the CCPA. Primarily, companies should know exactly where their data is, where its being stored and whether it can be retrieved on request. If data cannot be retrieved and securely erased when consumers ask for it, compliance may be shaky and organizations risk being fined $7,500 per violation. By building out best practices to manage data throughout its entire life cycle and implementing audit trails for full visibility, companies will be in a good position to comply with the CCPA and meet other, similar laws once theyre enacted.

As business and computing environments become more complex, service providers can do their part to help companies adapt to a myriad of challenges they face, from data disposal to compliance issues to data privacy and security. By expanding their data management and security offerings, channel companies can attract new customers that have a big stake in securing company and customer data, which is a requirement for doing business and being successful in a global economy.

Christina Walker is the global director of channel sales and programs at Blancco. She manages Blancco’s channel sales team, overall partner strategy and ensures the program is continually evolving to support the needs of the company’s growing list of active partners. Follow her on LinkedIn and the company at @BlanccoTech.

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