Avaya’s Levy: ‘Days of Leading with Products Are Over’

Digital Transformation

… proprietary solutions.

We’re now living in an era of “co-opetition,” where we need various competing technologies to work together to create the right outcome. And this can only be delivered with open architecture. There’s no single vendor that can help businesses through a successful digital transformation with only their technology; therefore, it’s now your job to attach all this different technology together – on an open, non-proprietary communication platform – to deliver the business solutions and overall experience that your customers are looking to create.

5. Build yourself a good foundation: There’s a lot of new technology on the market — IoT, blockchain, AI machine learning, natural-language processing, speech analytics, the list goes on. As a trusted partner, you don’t necessarily have to become a specialist in all these areas, but you do need a solid foundation.

Remember: All these new innovations must work together. IoT sensors and big-data analytics platforms simply aren’t that useful without an automated workflow that can notify the right people in real time, using the right modality of communication. For example, say an IoT sensor recognizes that a patient’s blood pressure is running high. What good is the data if the patient or health-care provider is not notified immediately? Same goes with a call center. If a business has personal data on a caller, what good is this information if it’s not leveraged in real time to assist agents, provide better customer service and resolve calls faster?

The real-time dissemination of information is foundational to digital transformation. For this reason, it’s imperative that your business become engaged with any strategic technology initiative that your customers are undertaking. Because whether your target market is insurance, financial, health or any other vertical, you can be sure they are having these conversations. The question is, are they having them with you, or a competitor?

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