Artificial Intelligence: Here Now and Helping the Channel


… processing and analyzing the massive amounts of customer data that Salesforce and Microsoft have access to.

Most customer service software and support ticket systems, such as Zendesk and Intercom, now have AI-powered assistants that customers can interact with across multiple channels. ServiceAssistant by Talla works as an IT help desk inside Slack and Microsoft Teams and uses natural language processing to not only get customers automated answers, but to also let employees interact with ServiceAssistant and one another.

And AI in IT is not limited to just chatbots and CRM tools. KodaCloud offers customers AI-powered Wi-Fi as a cloud service. This network as-a service model uses AI to actively manage networks in real time with the ability to do monitoring via an app, bypassing the need for a dedicated IT team to watch clients’ networks.

The use of AI-based technology will continue to grow exponentially. Though researchers have been working on AI in one form or another for over 50 years, we are just now starting to see the real benefits of all those decades of investments. We truly are at the very first stages of an AI revolution that will influence and transform every aspect of our personal and business lives.

Partners: What duties would you like to hand off to AI?

Alex Shvayetsky is the founder of SupportBots, which offers an AI-driven solution to provide customer support services for MSP and IT service providers. SupportBot is a chatbot designed to improve customer service, save time and reduce costs associated with support. Alex can be reached at

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