Addressing the Channels Hot Issues

By Michael Fair, MarketRace

Hello, my name is Michael Fair and I am a founding partner of MarketRace, a channel consulting company based in Denver. I will be a regular participant going forward on the Peer to Peer blog and will be writing about the many things I see in the channel space with regard to both channel partners and service providers.

For example, I recently wrote an article that appeared in last months PHONE+ where I outlined the top 10 mistakes that service providers often make with regard to running their channel programs. I intend to dive much deeper into these topics over the coming months. In addition, I will cover areas such as channel integration, industry consolidation, VoIP, converged services, TEM and consulting.

So what is the hot topic today?

A very interesting area of opportunity of immediate concern is the current activity around the federal excise tax refund that is available to most businesses only during this tax season. As I speak with channel partners, this is a very interesting topic as a few seem to have their arms around it and most partners are not very informed of this immediate opportunity.

The excise tax has been a federal charge on long-distance, wireless and other services for quite some time and was recently repealed. Companies must calculate the refund and submit the request on their 2006 taxes (which is as early as March 15 for many companies). The opportunity is substantial as the refund equates to what was paid out over 41 months, plus interest. If companies do not request the refund now they will loose their money.

A recent Gartner Group article communicated that it is imperative that companies seek outside experts to apply for this refund. This is an excellent opportunity to show concern for your customers that you can refer them into experts who can help with this task, as well as make some money for yourself by doing so. If you don’t do it, someone else will.

Please contact me directly if you would like additional information or help with understanding what to do with regard to the Excise Tax Refund.

Thank you and I look forward to participating in the Peer to Peer blog.

Michael Fair is a founding partner of


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