A Small But Representative Voice

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO

I tried to survey the telecom agents, but the sampling was small.

Many are direct as opposed to using a master agent. To move to a master agent would take a 5 percent commission bump over what they have now.

The main reason agents use master agencies is for the back office, support and commission tracking. (Go figure. Commission tracking is one of the most arduous tasks we have.)

Training is available from master agencies through the carriers/vendors, but it is mainly product training. (That’s something you might want to work on — skills training like leadership, prospecting, sales training.)

As readers of Phone+ know, some master agencies offer agent conferences. Some agents think they are a waste of time.

The Top 3 things agents said they want from masters: rock-solid evergreen contracts; better quoting ability; and back office support. The preferred compensation: spiff plus residual.

It was a small sample size, but I would bet that it is close to representative.

Now go sell something!

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