A New Year’s Resolution and Thoughts With Service Providers in Times of Tragedy

By Michael Fair, MarketRace

I have been remiss at blogging lately and wanted to take this opportunity to commit to being much better during 2008.

I particularly wanted to address and respond to the many inquiries and concerns that people in this community have shown me recently regarding the subject of a blog submission that I made from Kenya late last year. Kencall was the company that I visited in Nairobi, Kenya, last fall and I received many interesting responses and questions regarding my work there. The interest in call center outsourcing was tremendous, and I was not aware that so many agents and partners are involved in this space in some regard.

As many of you are aware, there has been considerable unrest in Kenya during the past couple of weeks due to the recent presidential election and resulting fallout. Things have calmed down substantially over the past couple of days and everyone at the call center is safe and work has continued. Many of the staff of more than 500 and all of the management team has spent most nights during the unrest actually sleeping and working 24 hours a day at the call center due to travel issues in and around the city. Customer service has not been impeded and the devotion of the staff to continue to focus on maintaining the highest level of service has been amazing to see.

This devotion made me think of the many great stories that I have heard in the past couple of years from service providers whose employees have gone above the call of duty to respond to customer needs in difficult times. The stories coming out of the fires in San Diego recently as well as the incredible snow storms in California and Colorado not to mention Katrina in the South and Kenya demonstrate that customer service is alive and well. Regardless of where in the world you live.

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