7 Benefits of Hosted UC

David ByrdI have extolled the benefits, features and exciting growth of hosted unified communications for several years. However, I realize that many of you have only recently begun to read my blogs and, therefore, are not aware of the range of data on the market, value propositions and suggested sales methodologies discussed in this blog. To that end, in future blogs I will cover some of the problems or issues businesses face that are solved by implementing hosted UC.

Generally speaking, the following represent the seven benefits of hosted UC:



  1. Increase employee productivity
  2. Improve and integrate employee mobility
  3. Increase collaboration between employees and departments
  4. Attain Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
  5. Improve cash management
  6. Maintain pace with technological improvements
  7. Decrease your carbon footprint

Most of the participants in the IP community and ecosystem can list these benefits, but few can actually give pertinent details or facts that define the range of improvements. It is with that in mind that we will explore current industry studies to see why hosted UC is growing in demand and penetration.

Hosted UC leverages a growing interest in cloud-based applications. But only a subset of the benefits listed above can be achieved with hosted VoIP or premises-based IP PBX UC solutions. To be competitive in a world where geographical boundaries are no longer barriers to entry, leveraging IP communications across all aspects of the business grows in importance. Therefore, providing businesses with facts regarding UC benefits should not only shorten the sales cycle, but give the business owner important information to add to his/her business strategy and vision.

David Byrd is chief marketing officer and executive vice president of channel sales for
ANPI ZONE . He previously spent five years as vice president of marketing and sales for Broadvox and before that was vice president of channels and alliances for Eftia and Telcordia.

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