5 Strategies for Monetizing Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud managed services

… bump customer retention rates, sustain renewals over 90% and learn about their challenges firsthand.

Partner with vendors that are willing to go on the journey with you. Partnerships offer obvious benefits, including the potential for increased revenue, growth and sales opportunities. Look for solutions that mirror your business model so you can share risk and grow together. More specifically, partner with vendors who understand that users now expect their digital services to add value to their lives and the infrastructure that powers them to perform faultlessly. Work with organizations that give back control over data to dig deeper and know what to do when there is a gap in visibility to forensically understand the experience of every user that is so critical to your business.

Embrace change internally. Ensure that your own internal processes and teams are set up to support these new IT journeys. Procedures and technology may need to be updated and employees may need to be retrained to ensure you’re providing the most value to your customers. Before implementing any big changes, make sure you’ve taken these steps to set your employees and company up for success.

This is an exciting time to be in the IT space. For enterprises, it’s also a challenging time. Embracing the journey and better positioning your company to help them navigate these new challenges will ensure your company is profitable and ready for the new world of the cloud.

Sergio Bea is vice president of global enterprise and channel sales at Accedian, a performance assurance specialist used by 75% of the top 50 communication service providers. He draws on more than two decades of telecom industry experience in his role directing Accedian’s enterprise and global channel strategy. He has worked for Fortune 500 global corporations in key strategic roles throughout his career, with prior roles across various disciplines including sales, business development, strategy, consulting, and services. Follow him on LinkedIn or @Accedian on Twitter

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  1. Avatar Nichole Delp February 9, 2020 @ 10:13 am

    Sergio – Great article. Nice to meet you. I had the opportunity of meeting Michael Canney and spending an hour with him last week chatting about the TLS visibility gaps – the packet-payload markets are starting to see with all the encrypted data being captured in the datacenters, Private, and especially public clouds. Nubeva is a next-generation cloud overlay service for Packet Mirroring, Brokering, and advanced out-of-band TLS Decryption. We enable services like Accedian to expand in new cloud markets solving the network, cloud, container, and now TLS encryption challenges so you can focus on your core Analytics-business and win every time over the competition. Cloud Experts with advanced technology that can help Accedian against competitors like ExtraHop!

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