4 Attributes a VP of Sales Must Possess to Expand Your Business to New Markets

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Peak Sales Recruiting's Ryan Moore

Ryan Moore

By Ryan Moore, Director of Client Management, Peak Sales Recruiting

Channel Partners Insights logoWhen it’s time to hire a VP of sales, there are a few common attributes you’re probably quick to look for. You know, things like experience hitting revenue goals, knowledge about a product or industry, and the ability to successfully lead a team of reps come to mind. But how much are you considering factors like a new hire’s existing network?

Not every business can boast the brand recognition of Apple or Nike, and every product isn’t going to have the sizzle of a Marc Jacobs bag or the latest Lexus model. But there are still plenty of ways you can generate buzz, build a strong foundation and create a reliable, engaged network for relationship marketing and sales growth. Of course, the reality is that a lot of this starts with who you hire.

At Peak Sales Recruiting, we know firsthand that a poor sales VP hire is expensive — not just in lost revenue and time, but in overall morale and direction, too.

If you’re expanding into new territories, consider these four reasons for filling your VP of sales role with someone whose industry network and knowledge are already robust.

1. Gain an untapped network. When it’s time to make a new hire, pay careful attention to each candidate’s existing network. Relationship sales play a critical role in expansion — whether you’re entering an unfamiliar market or launching a new service or product. By bringing on a VP of sales who’s already got their own Rolodex full of loyal clients, the entire sales team has the opportunity to hit the ground running. This initial motivation can ignite a fire under your sales team and keep everyone energized as they push toward your organization’s revenue goals for the year.

Plus, if someone is willing to give you access to their network, it means they really believe in what you’re building. That’s exactly the kind of person you want at the helm of your sales team.

2. Tactical recruitment skills. One of the most significant assets you’ll gain from your VP of sales is the ability to successfully recruit high-quality sales reps. The importance of your sales reps can’t be overstated — this organizational backbone can make or break your numbers for the year.

Building a great sales team starts with hiring a great leader. Your VP of sales should come to the table with a few great reps ready to follow them anywhere, plus a few others in mind for the future. The ideal sales VP will have just the right blend of experience and knowledge to motivate, coach and support a team of reps toward high achievement.

3. Access deep market insights. As you determine your direction and which market you’ll enter next, it makes the most sense to utilize someone with demonstrative market insights. This is important not only to give you intel about the new market you’re entering, but for your understanding of tangential industries as well.

These insights can help with the formulation of your …

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