3 Ways Printers Are Out to Get Your Customers — And How Services Can Save the Day

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… significant savings.

Faster-than-ever printing boosts productivity. Employees no longer have to choose between color or price since print technology can deliver vibrant color at cost-efficient rates. Employees can use their mobile devices for secure, on-the-go printing from anywhere, which saves time when printed documents are needed instantly. Plus, reducing or eliminating accidental or forgotten print jobs saves money on paper, ink and printer wear-and-tear. It’s also possible to further parse printing needs with analytics that enable customers to track print usage to optimize device specs, placement, protocols, and usage—even down to the individual employee.

Threat 3: Combating Clones and Reducing Harmful Toner Emissions

Channel partners also can help their customers understand the threats inherent in using toner cartridges. Different from counterfeit cartridges—newly built, refilled, or remanufactured cartridges that are packed in unauthorized packaging — toner cartridges are newly built cartridges that are manufactured to look like name-brand toner cartridges but use nonapproved parts and toner and may violate patent holders’ intellectual property rights. Although marketed as low-cost alternatives, in reality, HP states that clones serve up low-quality prints, high failure rates and increased service costs.

They also have a significant impact on the environment, both within and outside of the office. Cloned toner cartridges emit up to 53 percent over the safe limit of styrene, a chemical byproduct of printing, and release up to 60 percent over the safe air-particle limit. They also have an environmental impact outside the office. The right print technology can help customers minimize their environmental footprint and save money doing so. Cloned ink cartridges also use 32 percent more energy, 43 percent more fossil fuels and, as a result, deliver a 45 percent larger carbon footprint than manufacturer-approved cartridges, according to HP research.

Customers expect printers that are secure, improve efficiency, and do better by the environment, and are looking to service providers to offer these capabilities and the latest advancements. Help them look under the hood and see the superpowers their printers already have – they’ll thank you for it.

Grad Rosenbaum is the vice president and general manager of the Americas Solutions Business at HP. He handles the go-to-market strategy, P&L, delivery execution and overall financial performance of the Americas print and personal systems services businesses. He’s also responsible for HP’s System Integrator Alliances program for the Americas Region. He lives with his wife and four children in North Andover, Mass. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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