3 Top Hurdles for Emerging MSSPs

Three hurdles

… offering an effective and comprehensive security service, limit customization as much as possible. It’s the only way to keep total cost of ownership in check when it comes time to scale.

A complete packaged managed security offering must include protection for networks, endpoints and more (see diagram, left).  Whenever possible, look to consolidate by favoring vendors that offer integrated solutions that cover a few of these bases. Again, this can reduce costs and simplify management as you scale.

This is not a complete list. You’ll want to add your “special sauce,” possibly including your own IP, and plug in innovative solutions to meet new, advanced and vertical-specific threats. But conquering these challenges can help MSPs establish a strong managed-security services offering that creates new business opportunities and recurring revenue streams.

Himanshu Verma is director of product management for WatchGuard Technologies.

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