3 Signs You Can Make That Private Cloud Sale Now

Private Cloud
  • … the isolation and control found in traditional data-center models. These best-of-both-worlds capabilities are ideal for highly regulated industries like healthcare and finance that must continually balance their needs for growth with their responsibility for protecting sensitive customer or patient data.
  • The business needs a mix of opex and capex: While most CFOs are ready to get rid of the capital expenditures associated with the maintenance and support of IT infrastructure, for some, that spend may be beneficial. Still, that bucket is getting smaller and smaller as businesses’ IT needs become less predictable over time. Gone are the days when CIOs could align an application’s infrastructure costs with business needs over an asset’s lifetime with any precision. This often results in an error-prone cycle where IT must go back to the well for additional funding to deal with unforeseen capacity requirements as they arise. It’s not difficult to convince a customer that it should be more interested in access than ownership. Hosted cloud-based options provide capacity on demand, giving companies additional resources if needed during peak use cycles, and the ability to scale back down when the need does. And because you’ve helped select workloads with predictable demand, even that uncertainty is minimal. In return, the customer is no longer burdened by the need for additional equipment, real estate, skilled workers or other costs associated with managing and maintaining their infrastructure growth. There are also benefits for your business.

There are other benefits, including private direct connections to popular cloud services, a fast lane to IoT and more, depending on your colo provider.

Fewer organizations will find themselves stuck between the data center and the cloud as more of them build their infrastructure in the cloud on day one. But for those customers stuck in the middle, with workloads that can’t or won’t move to the public cloud, moving even one application out of IT’s jurisdiction and into a hosted private cloud can free up resources for improvements in the future.

William Bush is a solutions architect for North American channel sales at Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS). With more than 15 years of IT architecture, implementation and operations experience, he has a passion for applying innovative technology and services to help solve key business problems. As a channel solutions architect, William designs complex production and disaster recovery solutions for Sungard AS customers, and helps distributors, VARs and technology resellers/integrators accelerate their referral or resale business by identifying optimal use cases within their customer base for the Sungard AS suite of cloud services.

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