10 for 10: A Decade of Dedication

The number 10

By Ellen Zarate, with contributions by J’Nan McManaman, TCG

Richardson Communications & Consulting (RCC) marks its 10th anniversary this year. A lot can happen in a decade.

Richardson Communications' Rachel Thornton

Richardson Communications’ Rachel Thornton

Rachel Thornton has always been committed to excellence. Always. In everything. Her commitment and laser focus on RCC’s clients have translated to 10 years of success. This success is a result of a strong, collaborative team.

1. The Team. “My mindset can be summed up by the African proverb, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,’” Thornton says. “To be clear, I’m in this to go far. And team members like Lorana Rush and Jaime Zarate are key players in RCC’s success.”

A strong team is only as powerful as its mission and as focused as its leadership.

2. The Mission. “Enterprise clients were navigating an endless maze of technology solutions for their business needs,” explains Thornton. “Many felt they were at the mercy of industry giants and found themselves trapped for years in one-sided contracts. I knew there was a way to bring transparency and respect to the IT solutions process. That was the foundation of RCC then and it remains our mission today.”

Transparency is easy, as long as it shows that all efforts serve the client best.

3. The Immersion. RCC isn’t interested in presenting “some solutions.” The team digs deep to fully explore organizational drivers and needs. “Of course I can provide a solution to the problem a client has identified,” says Thornton. “But we support the customer’s business initiatives using strategic attention instead of just ‘making the sale.’ The technology isn’t the solution—it is a tool and only part of our holistic approach. This mindset is counter to industry norms and it has earned us life-long customers.”

The culture of service extends beyond her professional life.

4. The Culture. Service is a way of life, not just an action. Whether sponsoring causes like Telecom for Change or rolling up their sleeves at the local food bank, the RCC team has built a culture of giving back. Taking time to understand a cause is a lot like taking time to understand a client.

Depth of insight makes RCC a team of powerful advocates.

5. The Advocacy. Whether for a cause or a client, all actions must be informed and supported. Thornton doesn’t play the points game. She recommends appropriate solutions for her clients regardless of personal gain, understanding that taking care of her clients is the greatest reward.  As a result, RCC has gained lifelong customers and friendships.

For this reason the 10-year anniversary is focused on celebrating those customers and friends who helped make this milestone possible.

6. The Change Agents. RCC is committed to clients’ success and….

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