WWT’s Anderson: What Customers Need to Know About 5G, Wi-Fi 6

5G and IoT

… offload that to Wi-Fi 6, which is an incredibly efficient technology?

CP: That makes sense, not just based on the physics but the economics, right?

NA: True. It’s actually cheaper to deploy than a 5G network, when you think about the secondary gear that has to be bought, such as the 5G chipsets, which are very expensive compared to a Wi-Fi chipset. I can’t remember what the multiple is, but I’ve seen stats of like 10x or 20x, the cost to make a 5G chip versus a Wi-Fi 6 chip.

CP: How long will it take for Wi-Fi six become ubiquitous? Will it happen at a faster pace than previous wireless standards?

NA: I think it will happen at a faster pace. But I think it’s going to take a while for organizations to absorb the ripple effect through their network, which may artificially slow that down a little bit.

CP: Are organizations generally considering the network backbone impact or do many still deal with these in separate silos?

NA: Smart organizations are doing it holistically. Not every organization is doing that, but as a partner, that’s what we recommend to clients and try to educate them before they make decisions. We’re having a holistic conversation about enterprise architecture and connectivity. And from wireless into the switching network, across the WAN and out to the cloud, wireless becomes a phase of a larger, modernization project.

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