WTG Chooses Long-Time Channel Vet as First-Ever Strategic Alliances Director

Strategic alliance

…the beginnings of the Qwest business partner program where we also built up VARs and I launched the integrator channel there. I did the rebuild out of MCI, that was when they were in bankruptcy and came out, and they had to open up a whole new partner program. And then I was involved in rebuilding an XO infrastructure that had seemed to have lost its purpose, and we grew that into one of the role models in the industry and now that’s a part of what Verizon’s rolling into their new program. So it’s just a matter of the sum total of experience of having done this several times in the past and just doing it for the carriers, and I can do it in the distribution channel now.

CP: What sort of changes have you seen in the channel and what are we likely to see in the coming years?

TG: The changes are interesting because the technology goes from things that people are familiar with and relatively simple, to things that have many more options for how you can do more things, you can deploy more things, and it requires a different type of perspective on the industry. The potentials were really simple before, take what we’re doing and do more of it, and now it’s take what we’re doing and figure out more ways that you can do more things. It adds another dimension or two.

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