WTG Chooses Long-Time Channel Vet as First-Ever Strategic Alliances Director

Strategic alliance

…people have assembled, and you’re going to look for a solution that delivers what you need. You start to make those decisions and then you buy something that people have assembled for that. As an industry, if we come up with that type of thing, then this group will be able to sell it, and then to monetize it would be a no-brainer. But if they have to go back and figure out how they put pieces together, that’s a different group of people, that’s not necessarily the people that are in this distribution channel today.

CP: What are your goals in your new position for the first six months to a year?

TG: We’ve got a new program that’s being launched from Verizon to the channel and a new one being launched from AT&T to the channel starting the first of the year … and some of these are still in active contract negotiations, so my goal is to make sure that we understand that, that we make sure the company is aligned to take advantage and that we can support partners because that’s what this is all about. It’s supporting partners so they can deliver the right solutions to the end client, the guy that pays all the bills. So my goal is to make sure that we have set up the right support structure on the back end so we can support our agent community and that we can help them grow their business, and we would naturally grow along with that.

CP: What are the biggest issues and challenges for WTG and its partners, and what will be your role in addressing those?

TG: The big challenge is always maintaining relevance so that you become a distribution channel of choice, and you do that by making sure that you create the right value for those partners. And obviously one of my roles is going to be to open up more lines of communication so that we understand the needs of the community better and that we can communicate what we’re doing to help support that and make sure that this all works within the environment the vendors understand as well so we can listen to their support along the way.

CP: How will you be making use of your extensive experience in the channel in your new role?

TG: I’m a builder. I like to build things from scratch and if they’re not there then I’d like to take it into the next level. I’ve been fortunate in my career in that I (was) involved with the building of the GTE VAR channel initially, which got me into this business and out of the computer industry. I was in…

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