WTG Chooses Long-Time Channel Vet as First-Ever Strategic Alliances Director

Strategic alliance

…gives you an opportunity to reset what you’re doing and how you’re going to support the new environment, and to offer those perspectives on how you think you can make that easier for people. So it’s a great time for this.

CP: One of the big topics at this event has been the Internet of Things (IoT) and all of the opportunities. What are your thoughts on IoT and the expanding role it’s going to be playing with WTG and its partners, providers, etc.?

TG: In one sense IoT seems to be kind of common and boring because we’re talking very simple things, very simple devices. We’ve talked about how very simple devices and things can be combined in an aggregate and to allow you different perspectives, different ways for you to monitor, measure and understand the environment, and that’s interesting because it brings the whole analytical side into it. But the other piece … is the explosive growth because all of these things require bandwidth to be able to communicate. And just the sheer volume of these devices, and how and where they will be deployed is going to drive bandwidth … similar to the growth of the internet experience. So it’s another piece on top that the normal business growth would not have accommodated. So this is going to be a huge driver.

CP: There’s been lots of talk about opportunities presented by IoT, but still questions persist about how you get started.

TG: Part of that is because you’re talking about people who have largely grown up in this industry by selling networking solutions, and that means the lower end of the OSI stack. When we’re talking about IoT, they’re specifically addressing things at the opposite end of the application layer and most of these people are not specialists in that area. So if we provide them bundles and solutions that are prepackaged, they’ll be able to drop that in and it will make sense. And if not, it’s going to be a longer education for them.

CP: So making it easy for them is the key?

TG: Let me put it like this. If you’re going to go out and buy a car, you’re not going to go out and buy tires and buy an engine, buy a frame and all these pieces. You’re going to go out and buy something that…

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